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just like a star…

………across my sky/Just like an angel off the page/You have appeared to my life/Feel like/I’ll never be the same/Just like a song in my heart/Just like oil on my hands.

Corrine Bailey is great! :) she know what to say and how to say it…anyway i wrote this “poem”  about ummmm idk a while ago so here it is:

Its out secret 

no one will know

the way you go down

and take it slow

just let me know 

whenever youre free

can i have you?

you can have me

when were with friends

its all fun and games

but behind closed doors

things arent the same

creep up behind me

let me take you down

no where to go

just hear the sounds

your breath, your heart

things all start

just one more night 

then we can part

all i want

just another day

take me into ecstsay 

nothing real just something i put together during intl 101 cause i was bored lol

I think of you and all I wonder living down 6 feet under no sun no moon no stars in the sky Im feeling this way as time goes by you make me laugh you make me smile yesterday was yesterday today lasts only for a while hoping tomorrow will be better but that hope stays a float floating in whatever weather the calm of the storm is in my heart ill take you back don’t wanna be apart if you could tell me how you feel ill tell you how I feel cause for you I’d do anything to make this real


I think of you and all I wonder is what went wrong Singing lines to my own heartfelt song Wondering when we’ll talk next Though knowing there is is no definate yes I waste my time just wishing away If only you knew I felt this way My friends say forget him there’s plenty of fish in the sea but I can’t cause I’m praying you’ll remember me A call a text anything will suffice Even if I can’t have you in my life Just to know that you feel some way… Anything…. You can’t always get what you want Lifes not perfect, but it makes me wonder… Am I worth it?


Waiting Wishing What am I missing?

Time keeps passing I keep checking…

Why do I keep wasting my time?

Another disappointment Another lie…

A lie to myself I wish I could refuse I thought this could have been different But that wasn’t true…

Wanting the unthinkable 3rd times a charm Hmph yea right They got the story all wrong

So ill just wait Ill just wish One day ill have my prince

I love Magaly the Lenguin!

Ahhhh it’s so cold outside. And Rainy. I don’t like it. Only if it wasn’t raining cause then I would like it for sure. But it’s a bum day and it’s so comfy :) I got an A++++++++++ on my Bio quiz. :D that was the highlight of my day. Can’t wait to see what this month has in store for me and everyone. I feel like the year has gone by so fast. It’s not cool. My life is just passing me and I haven’t even lived the times it passes me by. ohhhh *sigh* 

Some things I like

1. When it’s warm out and then a cool breeze brushes over your skin. 

2. When that trickle of water falling from the sky turns into a massive overflow and pours onto your body.

3. When it’s cold out and the sun kisses your skin with it’s warmth.

4. When you help someone out and they are so appreciative.

5. When someone helps you out. 

6. When you go to the gym, leave, shower, and then get on your cool sheets. Ahhh.

7. When it’s super hot out and you shower before bed.

8. When you’re with family and you realize just how much fun you are having at the moment.

9. When the person you love loves you just as much as you love them.

10. When you’re having a good time and the person you like is staring at you, and you notice, so they smile. 

11. Viva la Juicy. 

12. The Christmas time and getting excited knowing that your house will be decorated and filled with an apple spice smell. 

13. Knowing that giving is better than receiving and that the more you give the more you will get. 

14.  His smile. 

15. That fuzzy feeling when you’re with that special person :) 

16. Being alive and well. 

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